Cards for Cancer

What to Do With All Those Extra Sports Card

As a Federally Incorporated Non Profit in Canada, Cards for Cancer was born out of our collective love of Canadian outdoors, organized team sports, and the FUN that is found when a pack of cards is about to be opened.  

By donating cards to WSEGL Canada, you can feel good knowing you've done something worthwhile by spreading your joy of the hobby to children and adults alike through the Cards for Cancer program with the Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge.  

We are able to issue Canadian tax receipts based on Fair Market Value through the Canada Revenue Agency (for more info on FMVclick here ) . For your comfort, All prices are based off current 2022 Beckett and Canadian Hockey Cards.  WSEGL Canada has dedicated part of their 2022 operations based on bringing back old hobbies for future generations to enjoy.  WSEGL Canada has the opportunity to create programs like our Care Bag program, and our Consoles for Cancer Program through creative ideas like Cards for Cancer.  

If you own cards sitting in a  closet of clutter, get your wife or significant other off of your back and maybe, just maybe, do the seemingly impossible:  Find someone who really wants them, Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge can take them off your hands!For many kids who grew up in the late 1980s or early 90s, it came as a shock.  Those baseball and hockey cards we faithfully accumulated like a fine stock portfolio were supposed to rise in value as the players’ careers ascended. 

As most collectors who kept up with the hobby know, there were too many made.  Few were tossed out to elevate the value of those left behind.  Everyone bought them.  Everyone saved them.  Card companies made millions of them to keep up with the demand.  So now, they sit there, staring back at you.  Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Juan Gonzalez, Mike Piazza, Kenny Lofton and all the rest.  Fine players, they were.  

By the time you were in your 40s, you realized you have a 1990 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa card worth 20 PS5’s or Xbox One X’s.  Who knew that one card could potentially buy a graphics card 3090 with a player card? Sometimes you need to get rid your sports cards commons simply to free up some storage space. There are easy ways to do that beyond tossing them out with WSEGL Canada. 

The rookie cards you kept in plastic cases and binders look as fresh as they did when they were removed them from the pack or the sports card shop owner’s case.  Still, that once loved collection is now worth approximately 1/100th of what they paid for it.

If you aren't a set builder, unwanted commons are a necessary burden that comes with the hobby. However, by employing these practical solutions you will at least have a plan of what to do with your extra sports card commons when it comes time to get rid of them. 

At this time, the 2022 program has come to a close and we thank donors from Tim Hortons, Walmart Canada and the public.  Our 2023 program is currently being developed and we thank you for your interest in our organization.

Click below to see our current list of MLB and NHL cards for sale. 


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Before showing up with a few 5,000 count boxes of cards, email ahead to discuss your donation with our team.