Our Board Of Directors

Matt - Testicular Seminoma Survivor

Gamer at heart, Warrior in spirit. Matt is responsible for the Operations and Vendor Management, as well as the Founder of W.S.E.G.L.. Matt has previously been on the board for the CRPS/RSD Canada Foundation, as well as Regional Volunteer Chair for a membership group of 4,000+ businesses in Ontario. Each role has allowed Matt to grow, adapt, and apply his 20+ years of business experience in running successful non-profits in Ontario.

Melanie - The Caregiver

Empathetic in action, and well educated, she is the rock to the team. Melanie is responsible for Fundraising Events, Scheduling, and management of the volunteer staff. She continues to explore and find new paths towards our operating future. She has provided great assistance in researching the business aspect of our Incorporated Non-Profit.

Ryan - The Friend

25 years. Through thick and thin, the friendship of Matt and Ryan have experienced grief, loss, and support for each other. Ryan is the Web Guru as well as back end technical support, and manages all the gadgets found in our office and trailer. Ryan is the father of 2, and is married to someone who matches Ryan perfectly. Ryan and Matt met in high school, in grade 9. Matt has yet to beat Ryan in the hockey franchise, and that has lasted their entire friendship.

Thom - The Colleagues Husband, and new friend

Thom has deep marketing skills in social media and brand identity, as well as being a highly respected videographer and photographer. Thom has an incredible passion for telling people's stories through an honest and candid lens. All event photography and imagery are provided by www.thombradley.ca

Laura - The Colleague

As an immigrant to Canada, Laura brought with her a sense of style, flair, and artistic work that lead to her becoming an entrepreneur. All of our Artwork design, style, and impact is thanks to Laura and her creativity. Her artwork, clothing and knit work are available for purchase. Custom pieces available on --> Laura’s Instagram page.