Consoles For Cancer

With the growth of Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge over 2021, we are pleased to introduce "Consoles For Cancer" Program. Our team has constantly evolved to bring new programs to the public, and this program will be a main part of WSEGL operations for 2022 and beyond. Donations do not always come in the form of monetary value, every now and then, there is the option of a gift in kind based on Fair Market Value. 

This initiative allows you to engage with our team with the possibility about your donation of electronics equipment, or otherwise.  With an ever changing market of electronics, sometimes electronics can end up sitting in boxes in your crawl space, closet, garage, Mom's house or the entertainment space. If it is something you think we can use, reach out!

With the guidance and operating standards to meet the Canada Revenue Agency terms of rules and reporting, Fair Market Value is based on the original MSRP of your product (FMV brand new = 100%), and then applying a depreciation value over 5 years.  Once an item surpasses the 5 years of depreciation, the FMV = 0%.

You can access our FAIR MARKET VALUE TOOL  here. Engage our team by sending your inquiry to for more information.

The information collected on FMV in Canada is bound by CRA, and a link to our operating notes for public access on how we evaluate and calculate your item can be found here


With this new focus, and program, our Board of Directors will be able to equitably provide an evaluation of an item that you would be able to donate to our operations.  With a focus on PC related equipment, and consoles, these gently used items will receive a chartable tax receipt based on the FMV of your item, and our team will refurbish and build equipment live on Twitch, and pay it forward and ensure this equipment goes to someone diagnosed with Cancer.

All donors that have helped us complete projects and programs will be listed on our Wall of Supporters.

 We are in this together.

Matt, Ryan, Melanie, Kyra, Jenn