Our Mission

Mission - To give back to the Cancer Community via gaming, media, movie nights, and streaming.  The WSEGL Team is committed to providing personal care bags with essential health care items including toothbrushes/toothpaste, unscented deodorant, unscented lip balm, and unscented body wash.  These essential care packages also include an activity book, pen, and a personal note of inspiration hand written by our team.

We are working towards building a space for Warriors, Survivors and Caregivers of Cancer to experience a  community lounge where they can explore the latest tech on the market in gaming, PC’s, and media.  In support of those affected by Cancer, we are also working towards building and creating mobile media carts for spaces and care settings for those would require a more private space and setting in support of their Healthcare needs.

We ensure a place of safety, respect, empathy are provided to each member of the Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge. Each of us have a different experience with Cancer, and we are here to listen.

Cancer will affect 1 in 2 adults in their lifetime. Connect, grow, play!