What We Do

Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming Lounge was found based on the simple idea, support through community.  Our Board of Directors each have a personal story with Cancer.  We dedicated and challenged ourselves to something different.  Like an amazing movie from the 80's, this group of 5 came together to change the game. Change the conversation. Support those who need it the most. With ever evolving partnerships and sponsorships, are team is dedicated to a carbon neutral offset through community partners like the Electronic Recycling Association.  As a past seed grant recipient, and injector grant recipient through Stream For A Cause, our team created 500 personal care bags for Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto, Canada) and Lakeridge Health Oshawa, which completed on November 4, 2021.  We additional created an outdoor pop-up event tent to further bring our mission, programs and services to the public, giving a first hand experience, and story of how gaming, community, and entertainment can link together to provide a support unlike others.

Our team knew 1 path forward.  Make a difference no matter the size.  As our team currently pursues our future plan on a Mobile community Lounge, we pay it forward with personal care bags.  In 2021, our team will be responsible for creating and delivering 500 personal care and activity bags to 2 leading Cancer Hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our team will also be creating a mobile play cart for those who need a more personal space, whether it be a hospice, Hospital or support space.  This cart will be key in families connecting through video calls, casual gaming and movie nights.

We aim to have gamers the chance to play current generation gaming on next-gen PC consoles in an environment built to foster the healing for all those affected by Cancer.  Members will also have a chance to experience a full media lounge to kick back on a couch and just watch a movie with friends, and other W.S.E.G.L members.

The volunteers at W.S.E.G.L range from a Testicular Cancer Survivor, a Senior Technical Support for a shared Hospital software system, a British-Canadian entrepreneur with design experience as an artist and gamer girl. Our team also consists of a talented videographer/photographer with in-depth knowledge in social media marketing. Our daily operations, calendar of events and fundraising is run by an empathetic Mother who experienced lost with Cancer at an early age, and is a rock to so many.

W.S.E.G.L. is a welcoming and friendly environment for all gamers affected by Cancer, and includes support for all LGBT2Q+ persons.

W.S.E.G.L. also creates digital content weekly and covers topics ranging from cancer support, esports gaming highlights, discussions about events with the Ontario eSports Gaming League, and eSports teams.

We aim for future events to include tournaments and prizes. Your donations and a current price list can be found here for trade in value.

W.S.E.G.L. is welcoming to new partnerships, donations, volunteers and conversation with medical professionals.  We operate on 100% on grants, donations, and public/private funding. Your donation is appreciated as we grow, and expand, we hope you with follow our story.

Executive Director, Founder, Survivor - Testicular Seminoma (2020)