Our Build

Our gaming and media lounge.

With ingenuity, our team has been able to design a media and gaming lounge that will operate in a 32’ trailer which is separated in zones, to split the space between PC gaming and social media streaming lab, with a movie/media room to lay back, enjoy a bowl of popcorn and just relax. Our hope is to be environmentally friendly and be powered by solar panels, and draw and store enough wattage to run 3 PC’s and connected hardware, as well as a full surround sound media room and multi-player gaming room.  Check out the 3D renders for submission of grants below.

When weather allows, we also have the ability to set up a full 10’x10’ events tent under our rollout roof as well as a high resolution projector to take your gaming outside. Our trailer is also appropriately heater, and air-conditioned, with venting and airflow.

As our trailer is a low-profile model, we also have the ability to lower our rear door to provide an alternate entrance into the space for those with abilities. As our founder is a wheelchair, and device user, our space with created in a way to allow access for anyone.

We will also be working towards building mobile media carts for those Warriors or Survivors who require a more private space in support of their Healthcare needs.

Ready player?

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